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A Round Up of Opportunities for Solo and Small Firms

Here's a quick round up of some opportunities for solo and small firm lawyers.

Check out Susan Cartier-Liebel's contest, So You Want to Fly Solo. The contest, which is open to all lawyers - "newly minted or well seasoned," and current and/or wannabe solos, offers a two hour consult (value: priceless) with Susan as the grand prize. Visit the link for details on how to enter.

If you're part of what has been dubbed the Practical Blawgosphere (someone tell me who's responsible for coining this term for future accreditation), sign up to join the Wiki of the Practical Blawgosphere, described in more detail by Scott Greenfield in this post.

Though it's a bit early (and I'll be reposting this), mark your calendars for a blockbuster event that I've organized for the DC Bar's Law Practice Management Steering Committee, entitled Practicing Law in the E-Court of Public Opinion: How the Internet Can Make Or Break Your Reputation and What You Can Do About. In a profession where a negative image can harm our clients or hurt us financially, all lawyers - from solos to partners at ginormous law firms - owe it to ourselves to understand how the Internet affects our reputation. The panel features a star studded cast, with David Lat at Above the Law and Mark Britton, CEO of Avvo who will discuss both the positive and negative effects of their popular websites on lawyers' images. And the panel will also include two D.C. attorneys Andrew Mirsky and Jonathan Frieden who will respectively provide expert advice on the role of First Amendment and libel law in protecting reputation and practical ways that you can guard and enhance your image. I'll be moderating the panel. The event will be held at the D.C. Bar on January 24, 2008, and best of all, even if you're not physically in DC, you can listen in via teleconference. Here's the sign up form for this not to be missed event.

Finally, if you know of any other events, conferences or activities that might prove useful to solo and small firm lawyers, email the information to me at

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For my entire life, I've wanted a nickname. And now I've got a really cool one.

It's like I've found my home.

Posted by: Mark Bennett | Dec 25, 2007 7:10:56 PM

Uh, Gid, that is your nickname. You're not allowed to have 2. It's against the rules.

Posted by: SHG | Dec 22, 2007 6:18:28 PM

Yep, that's the post. I looked (albeit briefly) for it, but for some reason I couldn't stumble across it.

When can I get a nickname as cool as that?

Posted by: Gideon | Dec 22, 2007 6:05:38 PM

It was definitely Mark Bennett, the Texas Tornado, who came up with the practice blawgosphere here:

Posted by: SHG | Dec 22, 2007 5:16:40 PM

Hmm, I can't remember exactly who first came up with it. Might have been Bennett, but we've all been using it for a while now.

Posted by: Gideon | Dec 22, 2007 1:29:35 PM

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